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Do you have tickets already for August 9, 2014?

What’s in store for you on that day?

You will have a night of songs and music serenaded by famous singer and songwriter Jose Mari Chan.

Not only that, the voice behind one of the actors in Phantom of the Opera, Dondi Ong.

Plus Ronald McDonald’s House Charities’ Chairman of the board George Yang who also performed in several places locally and internationally.

And last but not the least Isaac Chua who is a Chinese-American Pianist who already won several international piano competitions.

What are you waiting for? Buy your tickets now!

Tickets are as follows:
1000, 800 and 500

For inquiries and buying of tickets you may call 2548755-56 or 2548695-97

For St Stephen’s Parish’s members, goers, parents, this sunday after the service tickets will be sold at the back of the main sanctuary.

Hope to see you on August 9, 2014
7:30pm at The Auditorium and St. Stephen’s High School.

Spread the word. Thank you and God bless. :) (at St. Stephen’s High School 聖 公 會 中 學 Manila)

True leadership is about Character NOT position. Pride prevents us from serving.

The Key is the power of the Holy Spirit

- Ms. Selene Yu (at St. Stephen’s High School 聖 公 會 中 學 Manila)

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