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Thank you shobe and Tsai for inviting me. Funny at first, because I don’t know about the feature of the events that much on FB, before I just saw it, I thought I was not invited haha, but the fact na I can see it, and even before there’s the buttons join, maybe and decline already, it just meant I’m invited. Oh how I love weddings.

My first to witness (within the age of maturity, or not just a kid/teen anymore) a wedding in our own Sanctuary. (after renovation)

The weddings I’ve attended before (from legal age until now) were all held in other churches. This Tsai-Sy Nuptial will be a special one. Sooo excited.

Weddings overload for May.
May 10 and 11, 2014 a weekend full of weddings. I sooo loving it.

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This made me happy #041414 aside from having accomplished many things.

This is one of the projects I’m selling that is based in Tagaytay. The pool was made really wow and unique and this is our longest pool in all the projects we have. It was made very perfect that I just can’t wait to check in next timw when it’s fully turned over. Sooo excited. 😘😄😃

#100HappyDaysLAPC #Day68 #32DaysToGo (at Tagaytag Prime Residences)

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