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Exploring the Historical Site of Anapji (안압지), South Korea

For more photos and videos from Anapji, explore the 동궁과 월지 (안압지) / Anapji location page.

Within the historical grounds of Gyeongju National Park in Gyeongju, South Korea, a legendary, man-made pond lends its scenic beauty to the park lands. Named Anapji (안압지), which means a lake for geese and ducks, the pond was constructed in 674 CE during the Silla Dynasty as a garden for the royal family. Ancient writings say that the pond and its surroundings housed many rare and exotic plants, flowers and animals for the Silla rulers to enjoy. Several pavilions and mountain-like landscapes were placed around the pond in addition to the artificial islands built inside it. When the Silla Dynasty collapsed in 935 CE, Anapji fell to ruins. In 1974—over a millennium later—restoration of the pond began and in just over a decade it was restored to its original state. Thousands of ancient artifacts have been excavated from the bottom of the pond and many are now displayed in a nearby museum.

Now, Anapji is appreciated not only for its historical value, but once again for its gorgeous garden. Local and visiting Instagrammers have captured the pond’s beauty, often shooting at night to capture the glowing reflections of the pavillions in the pond’s waters.

I want to go to Korea. God willing, 2015 <3

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